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[HOCKNEY] ALAN DAVIE & DAVID HOCKNEY : Early Works - Catalogue d'exposition (The Hepworth Wakefield, 2020)

[HOCKNEY] ALAN DAVIE & DAVID HOCKNEY : Early Works - Catalogue d'exposition (The Hepworth Wakefield, 2020)

Lund Humphries
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Publié à l'occasion de l’exposition présentée par The Hepworth Wakefield, à Wakefield, du 19 octobre 2019 au 20 janvier 2020.

Plus de 80 reproductions, photographies et documents, la plupart en couleurs - 38 sont des œuvres d'Alan DAVIE et 27 sont de David HOCKNEY.

Signalons des portraits par Ida KAR (A. Davie) et par Lord SNOWDON (D. Hockney)

Textes de Eleanor Clayton, Helen Little, Sir Alan Bowness, Davie, Ronnie Duncan et Marina Vaizey.

" This publication is the first to explore in depth the fascinating encounter and cross-influences between painters of different generations meeting on equal terms, shedding light on both. The two artists are rightly given equal billing here, with Davie's vibrant, intuitive, improvisational and painterly pictures in dialogue with the touchingly personal, autobiographical and sexually charged works of the early 1960s through which Hockney first found his voice as a modern artist. "
Marco Livingstone

" The Hepworth Wakefield are delighted to present a richly illustrated new publication, which provides an original perspective on the remarkable work of these two greats of post-war painting and explores their significant artistic careers.
After encountering the work of Alan Davie (1920 - 2014) during a major retrospective at the former Wakefield Art Gallery in 1958, a young David Hockney (b. 1937) was struck by Davie's landmark Abstract Expressionist paintings which stimulated his own experimentation with colourful abstraction. "

.Chronologies et concordances

Wakefield, The Hepworth Wakefield et Londres Lund Humphries, 2019, 22 x 26 cm, broché, couverture illustrée, 112 pages.
9781 848223752 


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