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HEAD TO TOE. The Nude in Graphic Design - Mirko Ilic et Steven Heller

HEAD TO TOE. The Nude in Graphic Design - Mirko Ilic et Steven Heller

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" A beautifully designed flexibound edition that comes in a slipcase, this is a first of it’s kind celebration featuring more than 600 examples of the human body as represented in graphic design, this innovative book will appeal to art directors, graphic designers, and design fans.

This groundbreaking volume investigates and illuminates a new generation of artists and the ways that they relate to one of art history’s most storied traditions : nude figure drawing and painting. This informative (and occasionally very cheeky) book demonstrates the ways in which new mediums and new technologies are pushing graphic designers to previously untold heights of artistic representation, thereby cementing the graphic designer’s place alongside more traditional mediums (drawing, painting) in art history and criticism.

From PETA’s infamous "I’d Rather Go Nude” ad campaign, to John Lennon and Yoko Ono posing nude on the cover of Rolling Stone magazineHead to Toe features myriad examples of the nude figure and how it is altered and manipulated in the service of both art and commerce. "

New York, Rizzoli, 2018, 17 x 27 cm, broché, couverture illustrée à larges rabats, étui illustré, 312 pages.


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