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[KLEIN] YVES KLEIN : in and out studio - Matthias Koddenberg

[KLEIN] YVES KLEIN : in and out studio - Matthias Koddenberg

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" This major new Yves Klein overview shows how Klein transformed his life into a myth that blurred the boundary between art and biography. It includes around 300 unearthed archival photographs--many of which are published for the first time--of Klein, his works, and their production.
(...) Most importantly, this book offers a new look behind the scenes of his performances, uncovers the genesis of his famous Anthropometries and Fire Paintings and portrays Klein at work in his studio, in private settings and on his travels. There are also numerous contact prints with lesser-known photos and snapshots that are not among the more famous pictures released for publication.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Klein always viewed photography as a lens through which to dramatize his subjects, and chose carefully who could photograph him. The imagery in this monograph blurs the artist's work and life in a way that both maintains and deconstructs the myth of Yves Klein. "

Signalons des photographies de René BURRI.

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Dortmund, Kettler Verlag, 2016, 20,5 x 28 cm, demi-toile bleu IBK, plats illustrés, 304 pages.

BILINGUE ANGLAIS/ALLEMAND (traduction allemande : plaquette de 6 pages)

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