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[MORIYAMA] ON DAIDO. An Homage by Photographers & Writers -
  • [MORIYAMA] ON DAIDO. An Homage by Photographers & Writers -
  • [MORIYAMA] ON DAIDO. An Homage by Photographers & Writers -

[MORIYAMA] ON DAIDO. An Homage by Photographers & Writers -

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" The book ON DAIDO is a photographic anthology of statements and homages to the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama made by internationally acclaimed photographers and writers. This publication is dedicated to him and has been produced in a special edition of 500 copies on the occasion of the 7th Fotobookfestival Kassel in June 2015.

Daido Moriyama is undoubtedly one of the most important photographers of all times. But who is this reserved, likeable man from Tokyo, who has affected the development of Japanese photography like no other ? Which overwhelming energy is behind this fascinating simplicity in the art of photography ? How is it possible that his images, no matter how they are cropped, reproduced, rotated or flipped, still manage to keep their core essence ? How does one approach the Daido Moriyama phenomenon ?

We asked 31 photographers and 21 writers to help us find an answer by way of visual and textual statements. We requested appraisal and acclaim, commentary and feedback. Our request predominantly met with a resoundingly positive response and immediate approval. The resulting anthology ON DAIDO paints a multifaceted picture of the great renewer of photography. Essentially, it does not so much pay homage to an individual, as celebrate the photographic medium as a whole.
We are grateful to the photographers and authors for their participation. We wish to carry on spreading and understanding the great work of Daido Moriyama through this anthology. "
Dieter Neubert

Les photographes :
Morten Andersen, Nobuyoshi Araki, Jacob Aue Sobol, Machiel Botman, Krass Clement, Antoine D’Agata, JH Engström, Stephen Gill, John Gossage, Todd Hido, Takashi Homma, Osamu Kanemura, Rinko Kawauchi, Keizo Kitajima, Takuma Nakahira, Asako Naharashi, Mika Ninagawa, Katsumi Omori, Koji Onaka, Martin Parr, Anders Petersen, André Principe, Leo Rubinfien, Ken Schles, Joachim Schmid, Oliver Sieber, Alec Soth, Katja Stuke, Aya Takada, Ali Taptik, Terri Weifenbach

En fin de volume, les textes de...
Dan Abbe – art historian, Gerry Badger – photography critic, Simon Baker – curator of photography and international art at Tate, Ute Eskildsen – curator of photography, Jean-Kenta Gauthier – gallerist, Akira Hasegawa – photo editor, Steven Kasher – gallerist, Clément Kauter – photo book seller, Erik Kessels – art director and publisher, Shino Kuraishi – curator of photography, Freddy Langer – author and journalist, Russet Lederman – Japanese photo book collector, Akio Nagasawa – gallerist and publisher, Sandra S. Phillips – curator of photography at San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, Andrew Roth – gallerist and publisher, Leo Rubinfien – photographer and essayist, Yoko Sawada – publisher, editor and photographer agent, Minoru Shimusu – art critic, 

Tirage limité à 500 exemplaires

Kassel, FBF Books, 2015, 21 x 28 cm, broché, couverture rouge illustré à larges rabats (K. ONAKA), non paginé (88 pages).


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