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[PERGAY] MARIA PERGAY. Complete Works 1957-2010 - Catalogue raisonné établi par Suzanne Demisch et Stephane Denant

[PERGAY] MARIA PERGAY. Complete Works 1957-2010 - Catalogue raisonné établi par Suzanne Demisch et Stephane Denant

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" Maria Pergay. Complete Works 1957-2010 is the first comprehensive survey of the work of the legendary French furniture designer, whose work has attracted clients and collectors from around the world for decades.

Pergay is most renowned for her use of stainless steel, which she began exploring in 1968 with the now iconic Flying Carpet Daybed and the Ring Chair. Since 1957, Pergay has worked with everyone from Pierre Cardin to the Saudi Royal family, designing an extravagant Turtle Sofa for the couturier and the interiors of the Al Hada palace in Riyahd. In the late 1980s and through the 1990s, the designer received important commissions from Russia and continued to pursue her innovative work in stainless steel, combining it with materials such as mother of pearl, lacquer and precious woods to striking effect.

Compiled with the designer's collaboration, Maria Pergay. Complete Works 1957-2010 covers more than 50 years of creation. As the only authoritative reference catalogue on the designer's work, it presents detailed factual descriptions of more than 300 of Pergay's designs accompanied by contemporary and vintage photographs, many of which have never previously been reproduced. "

- Catalogue Raisonné des objets (87 numéros) et Catalogue Raisonné des meubles (174 numéros), tous reproduits en couleurs et, pour la plupart, à pleine page, avec, pour chacun, nom et année.

Ces Catalogues Raisonnés illustrés sont suivis des listes des objets (87 numéros) et des meubles (174 numéros) avec détails et commentaires (31 vignettes).
Précisons que les noms des objets et des meubles sont indiqués en français d'abord, puis en anglais.

.Repères biographiques

Préface de Suzanne DEMISCH
On Maria Pergay par AdamLINDEMANN

Maria PERGAY est née en Roumanie de parents russes, en 1930.

Bologne, Damiani, 2011, 25.3 x 30.8 cm, pleine toile gris souris, jaquette illustrée (Lit Tamis Volant, 1968), 325 pages.


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