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ROLAND MOURET : Provoke, Attract, Seduce - Roland Mouret and Alexander Fury in Conversation

ROLAND MOURET : Provoke, Attract, Seduce - Roland Mouret and Alexander Fury in Conversation

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" A highly personal journey through the creative universe of the fashion designer who brought us the galaxy dress—the defining look of the noughties.

Called the King of Curves, Roland Mouret marks his twentieth year in fashion with this definitive monograph featuring an in-depth look at his innovative designs, inspirations, and industry collaborations.

This book is conceived as a series of conversations between Alexander Fury and Mouret, and visually, between Mouret’s clothing and the women who wear it. Led by specially commissioned photography shot especially for this volume, each chapter unfolds in thematic narratives that lure readers deeper and deeper into Mouret’s world : sensuality, glamour, uniform, transformation, identity, and reinvention are just some of the themes explored.
A detailed index of each garment appearing in the book completes this much-anticipated volume from the so-called master of the dress. "

Outre ses créations, Roland Mouret raconte, tout au long de la conversation avec Alexander Fury, sa vie, ses amitiés, ses collaborations, ses créations pour Instagram...

Différents photographes interviennent : Vanina SORRENTI, Maria ZIEGELBOCK, Tierney GEARON, Alessio BOLZONI, C. G. WATKINS, Cedric BUCHET et Chris MOORE.
Le chapitre FAME est illustré de collages de Brian BURN.

.Index des tenues portées (vignettes en couleurs)

Introduction par Alexander FURY

Roland MOURET est né en 1961 à Lourdes

New York, Rizzoli, 2018, 32 x 32 cm, cartonnage à illustration contrecollée, 264 pages.


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