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THE STORY OF THE TEKKIEH MOAVEN, Kermanshah, Iran  - Hadi Seif

THE STORY OF THE TEKKIEH MOAVEN, Kermanshah, Iran - Hadi Seif

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" The first major English-language publication of the Tekkieh Moaven and his fascinating Persian tiles. A wonderful narrative insight of the ancient guardian Sojdehpur. Colorful illustrations presenting tiles with floral, calligraphic, and figurative motif.

The Tekkieh Moaven is a significant religious monument in Kermanshah and one of the most important national memorials in Iran. Following the building's destruction in the early 20th century, it was rebuilt and furnished with exclusive tiles, the focal point of this publication. Since 1975, it has also been a popular museum visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

The tiles illustrate the fascinating world of art in the Persian empire and Islamic era and are distinguished by colorful illustrations featuring floral, calligraphic, and also figurative motifs. Author Hadi Seif weaves the recollections of the ancient guardian Sojdehpur into his narratives, contributing valuable insights into the evolutionary history of these impressive tiles. 

This is the first major English-language publication dedicated to this outstanding cultural monument. "

Stuttgart, Arnoldsche, 2022, 22,4 x 28,6 cm, cartonnage illustré, 144 pages.


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