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THE WORLD OF ANNA SUI - Tim Blanks. Préface de Naomi Campbell

THE WORLD OF ANNA SUI - Tim Blanks. Préface de Naomi Campbell

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" Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana. She is especially famous for her textile prints. Sui joined New York’s intensely creative cultural underground in the 1970s, forging important relationships in the worlds of fashion, photography, art, music, and design.

The World of Anna Sui looks at Sui’s eclectic career as a designer and artist, both through her clothing and studio. Through interviews with fashion journalist Tim Blanks, the book explores Sui’s lifelong engagement with fashion archetypes - the rocker, the schoolgirl, the punk, the goth, the bohemian - and reveals their inspiration and influence. Complete with detailed photographs of garments, sketches, moodboards, runway shots, and cultural ephemera, The World of Anna Sui is an inside look at this iconic New York designer with a worldwide cult following. "

New York, Abrams Books, 2017, 24.1 x 28.1 cm, cartonnage, jaquette illustrée, 288 pages.


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