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TWO MILLION MILES - Andrew Macpherson

TWO MILLION MILES - Andrew Macpherson

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" In an increasingly mobile society, it's common to cross the globe many times in a single month. Journeys that might once have taken weeks, now take hours. All of this travel is a suitable metaphor for Andrew Macpherson's rise to the pinnacle of celebrity photography.

He has literally traveled the world to profile the best-known people of our age; Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, and George Clooney to name a few. As he's done so, he's also embarked on an artistic journey to bring something fresh and inviting to each of his images. In this quest, he employs a multitude of varied techniques, playing with form, context and color. A note of poignancy overshadows this work.

Many of the original negatives were lost in a warehouse fire. It is a testament to the strength of Macpherson's work that even scanned from magazine pages - as some of these images are - the results still radiate vitality and power. Originally from London, Andrew Macpherson is now based in Los Angeles.

His body of work includes covers for Rolling Stone and Vogue. He has photographed personalities as varied as Bono, Muhammed Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone and John Malkovich. "

230 photographies dont 78 en couleurs

Krefeld, teNeues, 2006, 28.5 x 35 cm, cartonnage, jaquette illustrée, 240 pages.


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