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[WATSON] UFO - Photographies Albert Watson. Texte de Gail Buckland

[WATSON] UFO - Photographies Albert Watson. Texte de Gail Buckland

Abrams Books
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" UFO - which stands for Unified Fashion Objectives - presents a 40-year retrospective of Watson’s best work, pulled from his vast archive. In its pages, a memorable era of style, beauty, fashion, personality, and power is captured for posterity. UFO is a landmark publishing event from one of the world’s greatest photographers. "

" One of the world’s most successful photographers, Albert Watson is known for graphic, sculptural images that capture the essence of people, places, and things. His has been a career of unparallelled productivity, ranging from fashion to iconic portraits to reportage. His first book, Cyclops, published in 1994, established him as a leading photographic talent who combined a brilliant vision with extreme technical excellence. "

" Albert Watson is a widely published photographer with more than 200 Vogue covers and 40 Rolling Stone covers to his credit. Born in Scotland, he lives in New York City. "

350 photographies

New York, Abrams Books, 2010, 36 x 45 cm, cartonnage, étui, 408 pages.


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